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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Glenn Gillberti
Move by Greer316

Ring in:Normal
Ring Out:Normal
Taunt:Come on 1, Eddie Guerrero 1, Taunt Hardcore holly, Undertaker 1
Winning Move:Your Choice
Entrance:your choice
Music and video: Your Choice
Ready Moves:
Dropkick 2, Toe kick 1, Triple H Punches 2, Dropkick to knee 3, Slap 1, Back Elbow smash

Leg to arm, Wrist and Arm Wrench, Standing Crossface 2, Jumping Armbreaker 2

Low Blow 4, Clothesline 25, Snapmare and dropkick 2,Head to knee

Mat Slam 1, Manhattan Drop 1, Swinging Neckbreaker, Ric Flair Headlock

DDT 5, Russian leg sweep 1, The Rock angry, Low blow 2

Back Attack:
Abdominal stretch 1, School boy roll up, Low blow, Elbow to back of head 2
Back rake, Triple h low kick, Forearm smash, Back Suplex 3

Edge of Ceiling:It thrusts down
Attack:Angry stomp x3
Grapple: Darkness choke 2, Face Strech 3, Ric Flair kneedrop
Kick to head, leg lock 13, kick to groin
Turnbuckle Clothesline, Turnbuckle Clothesline ,knee attack 1

Superplex 1, Tornado arm breaker, mudhole stomping 2, shoulder thrusts foot choke 2

Back Attack:
Illegal pin, Turnbuckle toe kick, Super Back Suplex, Turnbuckle Smash
Rope opponent:
Rope Down: Irish whip
Rebound Attack: Clothesline 5, dropkick to knee 4, Vaulting body press 2
Jump down over: Baseball slide
Standing:Missile dropkick, Diving elbow bat
Down: Diving fist drop, Elbow drop 3, Diving elbow
Attack: Clothesline 5,7
Grapple: Neckbreaker 1, Reverse mat slam
Back Attack:triple h low kick, knee clip
Squatting Attack: elbow drop 11, Dropkick to knee 4
Counter: Triple H Smash, back drop 1, Hip toss 1
Double Team:
Beat Head, Flapjack, Low blow and knee attack, Clothesline, DDT

whip and lay down, mudhole stomping 1, whip and lay down, kick to Gut
Special: Stone cold stunner 1, the peoples elbow
Favorites: Swinging neckbomb, ric flair knee drop, diving elbow
Special Weapon: DDT x2
Combination moves: Triple H punches 2,2,3
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