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D-Lo Brown
Move by BD6104

Use the Preset D'Lo Moveset and and makes these changes.

Ring In and Out Move, Taunts, Fighting, Walking, Running and Winning Styles: Default

Entrance: Movie: RAW Opening, Moves: Brock Lesnar (That's his NWA: TNA entrance) Music: Rodney Mack

Ready Moves


Sumission Grapple: Grapple 5 then the rest of it as Default
Signature Grapple: Grapple 10, Oklahoma Slam 2, Gunn Stinger (Sudden Impact), Powerbomb 5, Chokeslam 9 (Alt. Version of the Sky High)
Power Grapple: Default
Quick Grapple: Default

Back Attack: Default but change Sleeper Hold 2 into Osaka Street Cutter (Yes D'Lo does a move like this)


Attack: Default

Grapple: Headshake Legdrop, Fury Punch 9, Sleeper Hold 5, Leg Lock 8, Texas Cloverleaf 1, Shining Wizard 12 (Yes D'Lo does a move like this)


Attack, Grapple and Back Attack: Default

Rope Opponent

Rope Down: Default

Rebound Attack: Running Calf Kick, Running Leg Drop, VBP 2

Jump Down Over: Default

I'll post the rest later


Stand: Missile Dropkick, Double Axe Handle 3
Down: Just change the Rolling Thunder to Elbow Drop 3


Attack: Running Calf Kick, Clothesline 5
Grapple: Default
Back Attack: Bulldog 2, School Boy Pin 2
Squtting Attack: Elbow Drop 11, Running Leg Drop
Counter: Default

Double Team

Stand: Default
Turnbuckle: Calf Kick & Tiger Suplex, Facebuster 1, Spine & Neckbreaker, Kick To Gut


Special: Frog Splash Pin 1, Sky High
Favorites: Gunn Stlinger, Handshake Leg Drop, Running Calf Kick
Weapon: Default
Combo Moves: Default
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