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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Christopher Daniels
Move by Evolution IV

Ring In Move: Rhyno
Ring Out Move: Roll Down
Taunt: Bubba Ray 1, Raising Arms, Christian 2, Kurt Angle 3
Fighting Style: Wrestling 1
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Winning Move: Chris Benoit
Entrance: Movie: Smackdown! Opening, moves: , music:

Ready Moves ::
Dropkick 1
Toe Kick 1
Elbow Smash 2
Benoit Punches
Back Chop 2
Elbow Smash 1

Submission Grapple:
Grapple 5
Suplex 4
Dragon Screw 3
Shin Breaker
Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple:
Grapple 10
Snapmare & Dropkick 1
Complete Shot

Power Grapple:
Grapple 11
Scoop Slam 2
Neckbreaker 2
Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 1
Belly To Belly 5

Quick Grapple:
Grapple 4
Body Knee Strike
Jumping Armbreaker 2
DDT 15
Whirl Neckbreaker

Back Attack:
Eye Of The Hurricane
Abdominal Stretch 1
Elbow To The Back Of The Head 2
Back Suplex 2
Spinning Out Powerbomb 2
Reverse Death Valley 1
Dragon Sleeper 2
Back Suplex 5

The Edge Of A Ceiling: It Thrusts Down(All)

Kurt Angle Stomp
Elbow Drop 5
Double Knee Drop

Arm Lock 1
Headlock 3
Camel Clutch 3
The Walls Of Jericho 3
Kick To The Head

Turnbuckle Clothesline
Turnbuckle Dropkick 1
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Big Back Chop 1
Superplex 1
Flipping Slam [Fall From Grace]
Toss To Turn Buckle
Stomp & Choke

Back Attack:
Super Back Suplex
Cross Powerbomb
Shoulder Strike
Hanging In Reverse

Rope Opponent :
Rope Down: Throw To The Rope

Rebound Attack:
Shoulder Block 4
Asai Moonsault

Jump Down Over: Vaulting Body Press 1

Aerial ::
Stand: Missile Dropkick, Flying Clothesline 1
Down: Kurt Angle Moonsault, Diving Leg Drop, Super Star Press Pin

Running ::
Attack: Clothesline 13, Running Calf Kick
Grapple: Reverse Mat Slam, Extreme Neckbreaker Drop
Back Attack: Mat Slam 2, Triple H Low Kick
Squatting Attack: Elbow Drop 11, Dropkick To Knee 4
Counter: Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 1, Samoan Drop 2, Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 2

Double Team:
Stand: Sto & Sweep, Double Suplex 2, Double Clothesline, Double Beat Head, Double Flapjack
Turnbuckle: Backbreaker & Leg Drop, High Angle Superplex, Hip Toss, Powerbomb 1

Special :
Special: Edgecution 2 [Angles Wings], Testdrive [The Last Rights]
Favorites: Edgecution 2 [Angels Wings], Flipping Slam [Fall From Grace], Sto 3
Special Weapon: Ddt, Ddt
Combination Moves: Back Elbow Smash [Reverse], Benoit Punches, Elbow Smash 2
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