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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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'Alpha Male' Monty Brown
Move by Greer316

Ring in:Brock lesnar
Ring Out:Normal
Taunt:Cut throat, Taunt rhyno 3, Come on 1, taunt rhyno 1
Fighting:Wrestling 1
Winning Move:Your Choice
Entrance:your choice
Music and video: Your Choice

Ready Moves:
Austin punches 3, Toe kick 1, Bubba ray punches 1, powerful back chop, hhh punches 2, Back chop 2

Bearhug 2, Headlock 1, Batista lifting and toss, Wrist clutch and elbow 2

Body press slam , Backbreaker 8, Test full nelson slam 1, Oklahoma slam 1

Fall away slam, Club to neck 2, Clothesline 30, Kitchen sink 2

Lesnar knee strike 2, Push attack 2, Falling powerslam 2, Clothesline 26

Back Attack:
Elbow to back of head 2, Back suplex 6, Turning face front, Mat slam 2, Forearm smash, spinningout bomb 2, Sleeper hold 2, Jazz stretch

Edge of Ceiling:It thrusts down

Attack:Angry stomp, booker t stomp, Elbow drop 2
Grapple: Mounted punching 3, Choke 4, Lesnar raise, Raise and knee strike, Kick to back, stretch muffler

Turnbuckle clothesline x2, knee attack

knee strikes, Big back chop 2, Super fall away slam, Shoulder thrust

Back Attack:
Turnbuckle toe kick, Shoulder strike, Turnbuckle toe kick, Hanging in reverse

Rope opponent:
Rope Down: Choke 3
Rebound Attack:Kurt shoulder block, Elbow drop 11, vbp2
JDO:Baseball slide

Standing: Double ax handle 3 x2
Down: Elbow drop 3, knee drop 1, Diving leg drop

Attack: Clothesline 19,back elbow attack 4
Grapple: Reverse mat slam, spear 4
Back Attack:Triple h low kick, mat slam 2
Squatting Attack: Elbow drop 11, Dropkick to knee 4
Counter: Back drop 3, Powerslam 2, Tilt a whirl sideslam 2

Double Team:
suplex 2, Flapjack, suplex 1, Clothesline, beat head

Turnbuckle: Kick to gut, mudhole stomping 1, powerbomb 1, Body splash and whip

Special: Powerbomb 9-only thing even remotely close to alphabomb-regal cutter
Favorites:Powerbomb 9, Oklahoma slam, Fall away slam
Special Weapon: DDT
Combination moves: austin punches 1,2 (R), Toe kick 1

*notes use ho train attack for rebound and run him off the opposite rope if you dont want to use the spear.
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