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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Move by Greer316

Ring in: Over the Rope
Ring Out:Over the Rope
Taunt: Kane 2, Muscle Appealing, Taunt powerful 3, Cut the Air 1
Winning Move:Your Choice
Entrance:your choice
Music and video: Your Choice
Ready Moves:
Big Boot 4, Toe kick 1, Benoit Punches, Snap jab, Overhand chop, Big Boot 4

Bear hug 3, Batista lifting and toss, Hangman Chokehold 1, Big Shoulder Claw

Sidewalk Slam 3, Choke slam 4, Kane lifting and toss, Powerbomb 14

Body press front slam 3, Choke toss 2,Body press drop fw,
Body press slam

Lesnar knee strike 3, DDT 15, Club to neck 3, Shoulder thrusts

Back Attack:
Abdominal Stretch 1, Atomic Drop, Elbow to back of head 2, Turning Face Front
Test full nelson slam 2, Backbreaker 7, side walk slam 6, Victoria sidewalk slam

Edge of Ceiling:It thrusts down
Attack: Angry stomp, elbow drop 4, Booker T stomp

Grapple: Darkness choke 2, Big splash pin, Reverse Chin lock 2
Kick to head, Knee smash 2, Raise and knee strike

Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline, Turnbuckle Clothesline, Knee Attack 1

Big Chop, fury Strikes, Toss to Turnbuckle, Knee strikes, Foot choke 2

Back Attack:
Turnbuckle Smash, Shoulder strike, Hanging in reverse, Shoulder strike
Rope opponent:
Rope Down:Big Boot 6

Rebound Attack: Clothesline 19, Running leg drop, Vaulting body press 2

Jump down over: Baseball slide
Standing: Shoulder block 5, double ax handle 3

Down: Diving leg drop, Elbow drop 3, Taunt body splash pin
Attack: Clothesline 19, Clothesline 7

Grapple: Reverse mat slam 1 x2

Back Attack: Mat slam 2, Triple h kick

Squatting Attack: Elbow drop 11, Running leg drop

Counter: Back drop 3, Flapjack 5, Tiltawhirl sideslam 2
Double Team:
Flapjack, DDT, Punches and full nelson, Clothesline, Beat Head

Chokeslam, Mudhole stomping 1, Gut crusher, Facebuster 1
Special:Spinning out pbomb 3 or scrapbuster pin, Trainwreck
Favorites: scrapbuster pin or Spinning out pbomb 3, Trainwreck, flapjack 5
Special Weapon: Gullotine, DDT
Combination moves: Austin punches 3 x2 only reverse 2nd 1 big boot 4
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