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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

Jake the Snake Roberts
CAW by Bhangra Man

My pic capture card and PC gives crisper colors and caw pics. So color settings given in formulas might need to be adjusted when you're making the caw as they are only good for my PC. So please adjust colors to make the caw look like the caw pics if needed


1.)Skin 1,C(X: -91,Y: -12),S(X: 14)
2.)Face: 13,Face Model: 9,Figure(X: 36,Y: 0),Shape(X: 16,Y: 0),Age(X: -45)
Head(X: 0,Y: 35)
Eyebrow(X:5,Y: 45)
Eyes(X: 57,Y: -71),(X: 3,Y: -19)
Nose(X: -18,Y: 36),(X: -39,Y: 9)
Cheek(X: 0)
Mouth(X: -17,Y: 74),(X: -7)
Jaw(X: -76,Y: 100),(X: 0)

3.)Eyes: 32,C(X: -90,Y: -10),S(X:0)
4.)Eyebrows: 48,C(X: -86,Y: 9),S(X: 0)
5.)Lips: 29,C(X: -98,Y: -28),S(X: 15)
6.)Hair: 31,C(X: -99,Y: -60),S(X: 0),L(X: 72)
7.)Underwear: Default
8.)Design>Face>Simple:149,second biggest size,50 clicks left, 8 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: -55),S(X:0)
9.)Design>Face>Simple:149,second biggest size,43 clicks right, 7 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: -55),S(X:0)
10.)Facial hair: 67,C(X: -98,Y: 9),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
11.)Design>Face>Simple: 153, rotate 1*,second biggest size,58 clicks down,2 clicks left,C(X: -91,Y: 45),S(X: -41)
12.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>1/7> 4 acorss, 6 down,rotate 3*,second smallest size,19 clicks left,12 clicks down,C(X: 100,Y: 0),S(x: -39),T(X: -6)
13.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>1/7> 4 acorss, 6 down,rotate 3*,second smallest size,12 clicks down,15 clicks right,C(X: 100,Y: 0),S(x: -39),T(X: -6)
14.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>1/7>1 across, 5 down,rotate 1*,second smallest size,8 clicks down,2 clicks down,C(X: 100,Y:9),S(X:-32)
15.)Accessories>Face>Make up: 60,C(X: -92,Y: 20),S(X: 8),T(X: 100)
16.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>1/7>rotate 2*,second smallest size> 4 clicks left>5 clicks down,C(X: -88,Y: 9),S(X: -27)
17.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>1/7>second smallest size> 4 clicks down,C(X: -88,Y: 9),S(X: -27)
18.)Design>WWE>Face>34>second smallest size>35 clicks down,2 clicks left,C(X: -85,Y: 20),S(X: -3),T(X: 29)
19.)Wristbands: 3>1,C(X: -92,Y: -26),S(X: -2),T(X: -100),L(X: 48)
20.)Wristbands:1>1,C(X: 12,Y:9),S(X:-100),T(X:100),L(X:100)

**Attire :1>WM12 Attire, Torquise blue, with goldish snake like patterns**

21.)Tights:9>152>C(X: -1,Y: -39),S(X:0),T(X:100),L(X: -100)
22.)Long hemline:10>1>4>C(X: 0,Y:-19),S(X: 0),T(X: 100),L(X: 92)
23.)Design>Left leg>Tattoo:5>Left leg>biggest size>rotate 2*,30 clicks down>22 clicks right,C(X: -73,Y: 13),S(X: 0)
24.)Design>Left leg>Tattoo: 2>biggest size, rotate 3*,1 click right,2 clicks down,C(X: 50,Y: 1),S(X: 2),T(X: 13)
25.)Design>Right leg>Tattoo: 5>biggest size>31 clicks down, 27 left,C(X: -73,Y: 8),S(X: 5),T(X: 100)
26.)Design>Right left>Tatoo:2,rotate 2*, second biggest size>2 clicks left, 8 clicks up,C(X: 49,Y: 7),S(X: 0),T(X: 2)
27.)Design>Simple>Body>153>biggest size>25 clicks down>C(X: -79,Y: 69),S(X: -26),T(X: 100)
28.)Design>Picture>Body> 95>biggest size>rotate 1*,22 clicks down>C(X: -97,Y: -17),S(X: -30),T(X: -31)
29.)Design>Picture>Back>97, second biggest size>rotate 2*,20 up, 1 click left>C(X: -76,Y: 9),S(X:0)
30.)Design>Picture>Back>97, biggest size>rotate 1*,21 clicks down, 6 clicks left,C(X: -74,Y: 9),S(X:0),T(X: 100)
31.)Design>Tattoo>Back:5>rotate 2*, second biggest size>30 clicks down, 3 clicks right,C(X: -79,Y: 27),S(X: 19)
32.)Design>Tattoo>Back:5>rotate 2*, second biggest size>10 clicks up, 1 clicks right,C(X: -79,Y: 14),S(X: 13)
33.)Design>Picture: 94>rotate 3*, biggest size>C(X: -76,Y: 22),S(X: 17),T(X: 61)
34.)Design>Simple>Body:139, rotate 2*, second smallest size>53 clicks down,1 click right,C(X:0,Y: -29),S(X:0)
35.)Shoes>1>4>8>C(X: 39,Y: -18),S(X: 20),L(X: 14)

ATTIRE: 2, WM8 white tights with design v/s OS taker at WM8

Change age to -45 then same up to and including layer 20 then

21.)UpperBody paint: 18>C(X: 100,Y: 2),S(X: -55)
22.)Design>Body>Tatoo>4>second biggest size, 35 clicks down>C(X: -100,Y:9)S(X: 0),T(X: -100)
23.)Tights:9>326>C(X: 16,Y: 47),S(X:-29),T(X:100),L(X: -100)
24.)Shoes>1>4>8>C(X: 39,Y: -18),S(X: 20),L(X: 14)
25.)Design>Body>Tatoo>4>second biggest size, 42 clicks down>C(X: -100,Y:9)S(X: 0),T(X: -100)
26.)Design>Body>Tatoo>4>second biggest size, 2 clicks up, 2 clicks right,C(X: -100,Y:9)S(X: 61),T(X: -100)
27.)Upperbody paint: 25>C(X: 100,Y: 23),S(X: -44),T(X: -93)
28.)Design>Right leg>Simple: 147, biggest size,11 clicks down, 13 clicks left,C(X:16,Y:39),S(X: 8),T(X: -11)
29.)Design>Right leg>Tatoo: 2, second smallest size,20 clicks left, 5 clicks down, C(X: 61,Y: 20),S(X:0),T(X:0)
30.)Design>Right leg>Tatoo: 27, second smallest size,14 clicks left,16 clicks down, 18 clicks left,C(X: -64,Y: 8),S(X: 0)
31.)Design>WWE: 3>Right leg>rotate 1*, smallest size*,9 clicks left, 7 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: 4),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
32.)Design>Left leg>Simple: 147, biggest size,13 clicks right, 10 clicks down,C(X:12,Y:43),S(X: -5),T(X: 34)
33.)Design>Left leg>Tatoo: 2, second smallest size,5 clicks right, 1 click down, C(X: 63,Y: 33),S(X:45),T(X:-36)
34.)Design>Left leg>Tatoo: 27, second smallest size,14 clicks down,13 clicks right,C(X: -73,Y: 1),S(X:-3),T(X: 100)
35.)Design>WWE: 3>Left leg>rotate 3*, smallest size*,8 clicks up, 12 clicks right,C(X: 100,Y: 4),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)

Attire: 3, Black, yellow flames, red stripe black stripe

** Note make Underwear black**
the rest the same as normal formula for Jake found at my site in my sig than:

21.)UpperBody paint: 18>C(X: 100,Y: 2),S(X: -55)
22.)Design>Body>Tattoo>4>second biggest size, 35 clicks down>C(X: -100,Y:9)S(X: 0),T(X: -100)
23.)Tights:9>295>C(X: -74,Y: 9),S(X: 3),T(X:100),L(X: -100)

24.)Design>Body>Tattoo>4>second biggest size, 42 clicks down>C(X: -100,Y:9)S(X: 0),T(X: -100)
25.)Design>Body>Tattoo>4>second biggest size, 2 clicks up, 2 clicks right,C(X: -100,Y:9)S(X: 61),T(X: -100)
26.)Upperbody paint: 25>C(X: 100,Y: 23),S(X: -44),T(X: -93)
27.)Design>Simple: 111> Body>rotate 2*,second smallest size,61 clicks down, 17 clicks right,C(X: -78,Y: 78),S(X: -24),T(X: 100)
28.)Design>Simple: 111> Body>rotate 2*,second smallest size, 64 down27 right, C(X: -78,Y: 78),S(X: -24),T(X: 100)
29.)Design>Simple: 111> Body>rotate 2*,second smallest size, 58 down, 22 left,C(X: -78,Y: 78),S(X: -24),T(X: 100)
30.)Lowerbody paint: 1,C(X: 33,Y: -20),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
31.)Socks: 1,1,C(X: -73,Y: 3),S(X: -25),T(X: 100),L(X: -85)
32.)Socks:1,1,C(X: -95,Y: -10),S(X: 48),T(X:100),L(X: -41)
33.)Socks: 1,1,C(X:12,Y: -100),S(X: -39),T(X: 100),L(X: -5)
34.)Shoes>1>4>8>C(X: 39,Y: -18),S(X: 20),L(X: 23)


Body Morphing (X: 56,Y: 27)


*Head(X: -22,Y: -18),Y(X: -20) for attire 2 and 3
Head(X: -16,Y: -18),(Y: -13)
Neck(X: 48,Y: 52),(Y:-57)
Chest(X: 22,Y: -18),(Y: 5)
Shoulder(X: -85,Y: 19),(Y: -20)
Abdomen(X: 51,Y: 1),(Y: 54)
Arms(X: 47,Y: 31),(Y: -19)
Forearms(X: -1,Y: -2)
Hands(X: 15,Y: -23),(Y: -62)

*Waist(X: -20,Y: 0) ****ONLY FOR ATTIRE 3 to suit heel Jake better

Waist(X: 17,Y: 0)
*Thigh(X: -17,Y: 11)
Thigh(X: 6,Y: 11)
Legs(X: -17,Y: -15),(Y: -53)
Feet(X: -29,Y: -7),(Y: -43)

Height 6'5"
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