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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

CAW by Bloodman00

Appearance->Edit Part->Body
Face-19 Face Model 14
Figure X:14 Y:8
Shape X:40 Y:-6

Head Figures
Head:X:14 Y:68
EyeBrows:X:12 Y:26
Eyes:X:58 Y:27 X:38 Y:-17
Nose:-13 Y:-26 X:2 Y:20
Mouth:X:31 Y:11 X:-15
Jaw:X:44 Y:42 X:0

Skin:8 - Color:3 - Color:X-92 Y-6 Shade:0
Hair:26 - Color:X:-81 Y:31 Shade:X:-16
EyeBrows: 7 Color:X-75 Y:44 Shade:X:1
Eyes:26 Color:X:19 Y:12 Shade:X:31

Appearance->Edit Part->Attire->Upper Body
Wrist Bands:12 Part List:1 Color:X:12 Y:-83 Shade:X:-64 Transparency:X:100 Lenght:X:75
Gloves:9 part List:1 Color:X:12 Y:-72Shade:X-100

Appearance->Edit Part->Attire->Lower Body
Tights:2 Part list:1 Color:X:12 Y:-90 Shade:X:0 Transparency:X:100 Lenght:X:85
Tights:2 Part list:1 Color:X:-74 Y:39 Shade:X:-30 Transparency:X:100 Lenght:X:90
Knee Pads:14 part List:1 Color:X:12 Y:-90 Shade:X:-100 Transparency:X:100
Shoes:1 Part List:1 Color:X:12 Y:-72 Lenght:X:30

Letters - Alphabet – Body “I???? Turn:1, 2nd Largest Size Color:X:23 Y:-100 Shade:X:0 Transparency:X:100 Place on waist
Letters - Alphabet – Body “I???? (Smallest Size)(Yellow) Put it as his buckle
Letters - Alphabet – Body “I???? Color:X:23 Y:-100 Shade:X:0 Transparency:X:100 (put 3 on each side of his tights)

Design – Body - Tattoo:11 Put on Left Chest as in pic Color:X:24 Y:-24 Shade:X:9 Transparency:X:0
Design-> Right and Left Arms: WWE 34 Put 3 on each arm (Color:X:34 Y:-40 Shade:X:-40 Transparency:X:-25)

Head:X:-6 Y:-20 Y:0
Neck:X:79 Y:87 Y:-73
Chest:X:30 Y:-29 Y:5
Shoulders:X:-66 Y:26 Y:38
Abdomen:X:58 Y:-13 Y:-14
Arms:X:49 Y:34 Y:-76
Forearms:X:8 Y:36
Hands:X:14 Y:-16 Y:-28
Waist:X:4 Y:-11
Thigh:X:19 Y:32
Legs:X:2 Y:5 Y:-13
Feet:X:-22 Y:6 Y:-43

Height 7’0????
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