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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Grim Reaper
CAW by nTm

*Face 1, Model 1 Figure x;100 y;-100 Shape x;100 y;100 Age 100

head x;38 y;100
eyebrow x;100 y;100
eyes x;-27 y;-15 x;-3 y;-70
nose x;-100 y;-21 x;-100 Y;100
cheek x;-11
mouth x;100 y;-72 x;100
jaw x;3 y;77 x;27

*Hair 35 x;-85 y;-100 sh;-100 Lth;-100
*Mask 8,91 x;80 y;-15 sh;-100
*Long Hem. 10,1,6 x;12 y;-100 sh;-100 Tr;100 lth;-100
*Socks 1,121 x;34 y;-32 sh-100 tr;100 lth;-100
*Long Skirts 14,1,6 x;12 y;-66 sh;-100
*Gloves 4,34 x;34 y;-60 sh;-100
*Jacket 18,1,6 x;12 y;-69 sh;-100
*Make up 39 x;-100 y;-100 0 0
*Make up 22 x;-100 y;-100 0 tr;100

*Figure Sample Figure 08

*Neck Lenght: Y;100
*abdomen lenght; y;100
*chest lenght; y;100
*Arms lenght; y;100
*Hand Right; x;100 y;-100 length y;100
*Hand left; x;0 y;0 lenght y;0
*Legs lenght; Y;100

*Name: Reaper
*Ringname: The Grim
*nickname: Grim
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