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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

CAW by Iceman5533

Skin 7 clor 3,-92,-7,0
Face 1 and 5
Figure 22,0
Shape 38,42
Age -21
Head 33,3
Eyebrows 61,7
Eyes 4,-100,95,-48
Nose -5,100,-30,-14
Cheek 25
Mouth 0,-43,48
Jaw 29,62,20
Eyes 34,-92,-8,0
Eyebrows 134,-89,-100,0
Lips 44,-96,-14,1
Hair 31,-90,-61,0,72
Underwear default
Facial hair 76,-92,-49,0,31
Facial hair 8,-82,-24,4,20
Facial hair 85,-89,-16,0,-100
Facial hair 89,17,-18,0,100
Costume 15,1,6,12,-85,-100,100,-100
Simple right arm 42 2nd smallest size place on arm make sure tail is touching shoulder a bit -28,-10,60,-40
Wristbands 1,1,12,-82,-100,100,100
Shoes 1,1,6,12,-100,-100,-100
Tattoo right arm 11 2nd smallest size place on forearm -76,-41,0,-36
Elbowpads 12,1,12,-87,-100,100
Pants 17,1,12,-100,-100
Gloves 9,1,12,-80,-100
Make-up 23,-100,29,0,-100
Sign face use the solid blue circle in the first row at the top 2nd smallest size place on left side of cheek -81,9,-18,18
Simple body 153 use 2 of these turn once 2nd smallest size place both side by side on the stomach 19,28,-100,100
Sign body next 4 layers page 1 use 1 double looking ^ and three single ^ place them on the stomach even them out how far apart they go largest size 23,-75,-100,100
Alphabet body use 2 of these letter U’s 15 of 16 smallest size place on the first and last single ^ 23,-94,-100,100
Sign body 1st page use a single ^ and on the second page use a line fists one on second page 2nd smallest size use these to make the inside of the D 23,-77,-100,100
Sign body page 2 first one the line use 2 of these to make the S place one at the top one in the middle 23.-100,-100,100
Sign body 1st page use one single ^ and place at the end to shape the L largest size 23,-66,-100,100
Alphabet body 1st page letter ! turn once place at end to make the last part of the letter L 23,-7,-100,100

Follow these figures so that the legs don’t bend when using the caw also change Diesel’s stance to Undertakers stance 1 in the move list

Body morph -5,0

Height 7’2

Head -30,-37,-8
Neck 66,56,100
Chest 76,2,24
Shoulder -27,19,48
Abs 86,36,21
Arms 49,39,-100
Forearms 26,66
Hands 32,90,2
Waist 4,-7
Thigh 2,27
Legs 15,-5,0
Feet -26,-36,-12
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