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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

CM Punk
CAW by Shockster

Skin 7 Now (-89,-20,6)
Face 12,10
Figure (40,0)
Shape (0,8)
Age (-100)

Head (100,40) Trust me, looks better after hair
Eyebrow (32,-6)
Eyes (-16,-35,11,-14)
Nose (-33,35,-2,0)
Cheek (-31)
Mouth (4,2,0)
Jaw (-25,36,-2)

Eyes 20 (34,3,0)
Eyebrows 1 (-94,-17,0)
Lips 27 (-96,-20,-2)
Hair 33 (-73,9,14)
Kneepads 14-1 (12,-85,-79,100)

Tatoo-Left leg-3 Smallest size
Place between kneecap and foot on outer leg
It's gonna be under the shoe a bit...

Shoes 1-1-1 (12,-86,-59,33)
Short Pants 7-288 (-12,-72,-100)

Letter-Body-Alphabet 1 of 16 "X" Second smallest size There will be three of these on each side of shorts, leading down. Refer to the picture. (-48,23,-81,100)
Letter-Right Arm-Alphabet 15 of 16 "C" Second largest size, rotate once Place according to picture, this is the main part of "Cobra" (-95,9,0,-25)
Picture-Right arm-89 Rotate once, Smallest size There will be two of these to go inside the "C" Place according to pic. (92,-12,74,-18)

Copy last piece, move to other inside flap of "C"

WWE-Right arm-34 Second smallest size Place above "Cobra" for chinese/jap writing (12,100,ummm...transparent it a bit here/don't remember the number)

Simple-left arm-147 Second smallest size Place according to pic. This is the top part of Pepsi. (-91,17,13,11)

Copy last piece, move down to form bottom half of Pepsi, refer to picture. (19,20,19,65)

Letter-left arm-Sign "{" Largest size Place in middle of Pepsi, refer to picture (23,23,-100,65)
Picture-left arm-99 Second largest Place somewhat down from Pepsi, refer to picture (55,-55,-14,-84)
Tatoo-Right arm-24 Second smallest size Place lower left to the "Cobra" refer to picture (8,-20,0,-45)
Tatoo-Right arm-13 Second smallest size Place on back of elbow, refer to pic This is the "Spider Web".
Word-Right arm-1 Second smallest size Place in middle of "Spider Web" (100,2,19,25)
WWE-Body-24 Second smallest size Place on stomach, refer to picture for exact placement (-29,-58,11,-34)
WWE-Body-34 Second largest size Just place over SUCKA! to make it not look stupid. (-44,-4,0,-36)
WWE-Face-34 Largest size Place on chin, refer to pics for exact placement. (-89,-4,0,22)
Tatoo-Left arm-10 Second smallest size Place on inside left bicep, some will be covered by gloves (100,-50,-14,-70)
Gloves 6-1 (12,14,-100)
Letter-Right arm-Alphabet 11 of 16 "X" Rotate once, Second largest size Place on outside of fist to make his signature "X" (23,-85,0,100)
Repeat for left arm.

Head (-18,-37,6)
Neck (54,25,-48)
Chest (22,-6,-9)
Shoulders (-74,2,-5)
Abdomen (27,-37,21)
Arms (9,18,-52)
Forearms (-18,8)
Hands (15,-23,-71)
Waist (-2,-3)
Thigh (17,22)
Legs (2,0,-40)
Feet (-29,29,-46)

Height 6,3
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