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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

CAW by hmbettas

(1)Skin 6 x:-92 y:-16
(2)Face 16 Face Model 16
Head y:16
Eyebrow x:-9
Eyes x:-28 y:51 x:9
(3)Eyes 9 x:-89 y:9 x:3
(4)Eyebrows 45 x:-89 y:-19 x:-100
(5)Lips 14 x:100 y:9 x:15
(6)Hair 54 x:97 y:-70 x:-27 x:78
(7)Panties 12,1 x:70 y:-40 x:-8
(8)Very Short Hemline 9,1 x:70 y:-7 x:-24
(9)3x Design,Simple,Body 145 Rotate and reduce once, position across very short hemline (use pic for reference) x:19 y:5 x:-100
(10)Very Short Hemline 14,1,1 x:70 y:-37
(11)Design,Simple,Body 153 Place between center of breasts to cover up the middle of very short hemline x:-87 y:51 x:-49
(12)Design,Simple,Body Rotate once and place at the bottom of very short hemline to "attach it" x:70 y:5 x:-8
(13)6x Design,Letter,Body - Sign 1 of 7 Top row,far right. Reduce twice and position (use pic for reference) x:23 y:14 x:-69
(14)Panties 4,1 x:70 y:-40 x:-8
(15)Design,Simple,Left Leg 147 Rotate once and reduce twice. Cover gap on the side of the left leg x:70 y:5 x:-8
(16)Design,Simple,Right Leg 147 Rotate once and reduce twice. Cover gap on the side of the right leg x:70 y:5 x:-8
~~Move #15 and #16 up 2 layers~~
(17)Lower Sheer 2,1 x:70 y:-40 x:-8
(18)Shoes 12,1,6 x:12 y:-84 x:-100
(19)Makeup 50 x:-86 y:-5 x:3
(20)Makeup 31 x:9 y:-10 x:64

~~The forms and figures~~
Head x:-20 y:37 y:-4
Neck x:26 y:-27 y:-73
Chest x:60 y:-6 y:-9
Shoulder x:14 y:100 y:31
Abdomen x:17 y:-6 y:9
Arms x:77 y:42 y:-100
Forearms x:-38 y:-35
Hands x:-34 y:-35 y:-42
Waist x:-2 y:-15
Thigh x:31 y:0
Legs x:76 y:16 y:6
Feet x:-7 y:24 y:-83
Height 6'1
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