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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

CAW by Dakota K


01.Skin:1 C:-93,9 S:0
02.Face:22 Model:12 F:0 S:0 A:-100
Head: 0,0
Eyebrow: 13,-17
Eyes: left:10,-74 right:1,-34
Nose: left:-1,69 right:-61,0
Cheek: 20
Mouth: left:10,-55 right:-60
Jaw: left:-24,70 right:-50

03.Eyes:20 C:-88,20 S:0
04.Eyebrows:2 C:-81,24 S:-20
05.Lips:44 C:-96,20 S:-5
06.Hair:25 C:-81,41 S:10
07.Underwear:18,1,1 C:12,9 S:0

08.Facial Hair:4 C:-81,20 S:-15 T:60
09.Facial Hair:20 C:-89,25 S:-10 T:55
10.Simple:Face:149 reduce 3x, turn 1x, move 52 down and 18 left C:-93,85 S:-50 T:-30
11.Simple:Face:copy the last pattern and move 29 to the right

12.Tights:2,1 C:11,-75 S:-100 T:100 L:-100
13.Shoes:1,1,1 C:12,-90 S:-100 L:25
14.Elbow Pads:Both:2,1 C:12,-80 S:-100 T:100
15.Wrist Bands:Both:1,1 C:12,-90 S:-100 T:100 L:90
16.Head Accessories:79 C:-78,9 S:-100 set for entrance only

the following 2 layers are the left arm tat, so look on that pic for placement help
17.Simple:Left Arm:82 smallest size C:23,-55 S:-100 T:-30
18.Simple:Left Arm:88 smallest size C:100,40 S:0 T:-50

the next 3 layer are the =C= on his thights, so look on that pic for placement help
19.Letters:Body:Sign 2/7 last 1 in the first row, rotate x2 C:80,80 S:-10 T:100
20.Letters:Body:Alphabet 1/16, the capital C, smallest size, move to the right of pattern 19 C:80,80 S:-10 T:100
21.Letters:Body:Sign copy pattern 19 and move to the right of pattern 20 C:80,80 S:-10 T:100

now the most important part, the logos on his thighs, for help look at that pic and the full-body pic

all the following layers belong on the right leg

22.Picture:22 place on thight like seen on the pics (about 8 clicks under the highest position) C:-100,80 S:-100 T:100

23.Simple:159 place it on pattern 22 so it becomes the "edge" C:80,80 S:-10 T:100

24&25&26&27.Letters:Body:Alphabet 1/16, the capital V, reduce x3 place them on the top, the bottom, the right side and the left side, just like arrows pointing into the middle (look at pic for referrence) C:80,80 S:-10 T:100

28.Letters:Body:Alphabet 1/16, the capital C, don't reduce C:80,80 S:-10 T:100

now do the exact same thing on the left leg

Body Morphing:0,0

Form: Head: left:-20,-21 right:-4
Neck: left:51,50 right:-100
Chest: left:5,-9 right:5
Shoulders:Both: left:-100,-20 right:-50
Abdomen: left:30,-32 right:-14
Arms:Both: left:9,-1 right:-76
Forearms:Both: -19,-11
Hands:Both: left:15,-23 right:-71
Waist: -27,-29
Thigh: -6,-7
Legs: left:-17,-13 right:-40
Feet: left:-29,-7 right:-43

Height: middle of 6'2"
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