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ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Belt by Jaythegamefan

Belt name - ECW World Heavyweight Championship
In-game title name - ECW World
In-game title classification - Heavyweight
Notable holders of the belt - Raven, Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Sabu
In-game wrestlers who’ve held it - N/A
Historic matches for the belt -
Raven vs. Terry Funk, Barely Legal ‘97
Terry Funk vs. Sabu, Born to be Wired
Color(s) of leather used - black
Years used - 1997-1999
Parts needed to make it -
Belt - design 3, material 4, color, black
Center Plate- 7, gold
Centerpiece - 1, gold
Side Plate - 32, gold
Jewelry - N/A
Belt cost - $ 175,000
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