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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Matt Hardy
CAW by Y2Ken

Skin 1: -92,0/3

Cheek 20/Model 6: 48,0/0,0 Age:-100
Head -55,73
Eyebow 8,21
Eyes -58,-58/7,62
Nose -70,48/1,-22
Cheek 28
Mouth -2,-6/-14
Jaw 26,12/5

Eyes 5: 22,2/-44
Eyebrows 12: -89,-22/-5
Lips 29: -99,4/6
Hair 30: -100,-38,-40/-24

Letters/Sign 1 of 7/ "." place under lip: -92,-24,-43/75
Facial Hair 66: -94,-10,-25/95
Pattern Simple 154/2nd smallest size/turnx1/place on right side ofhis cheek, it should shade some of the light on the face & blend inas a facial feature: -92,53,-40/-100
Copy the previous pattern and place on other side of the cheek &turn to fit

Pattern/simple/154/smallest size/turn x1/place under left eye over theseemingly eyebag, but move down 2 or three times: -92,53,-40/-100
Copy the previous pattern but place under his right seemingly eyebag

Pattern/simple/147/smallest size/simply cover up some of the end ofhis right eyebrow closest to hair not nose: -92,63,-46/93
Copy previous pattern & repeat procedure on other side of face

Pattern Simple/149/turnx1/smallest size/Cover the top of his right eyebrowlike shown in pic: -92,70,-54/-29

Pattern Simple147/Smallest size/turnX1/Place on facial hair below lip(not on the sign) to lighten it up some: -92,63,-50/-6

Now onto Attire:

Wristbands 4/1: 100,52,-100,100/47
Elbow Pads 14/1: 100,-100,-100/100
Shoes 8/165/2: 35,-5,-100/-100
Pants 17/10: -39,-30/-33
Long Hemline 1/1/1: 38,4,-25,100/88
Letters/Body/Alphabet 7 of 16/M/second largest size/top left side ofshirt: 23,100,-100/100

Pattern/Simple/Body/149 second largest size/Make the right side of theprevious M straighter by placing this underneath it, inside the M not onthe outside of it look at pic: 39,51,-40/81

Numeral/body/1 of 8/ the first 1/turn upside down/2nd smallest size/placeon the right side of the M & down a little, its the beginning of theV: 23,54,-100/100

Numeral/body/5 of 8/ the last 7/turnx2/2nd largest size/move to theright side of the logo its going to be a V soon: 23,57,-100/100

Pattern/Simple 153/turnX1/smallest size/cover up the side of the 7 tonow have a nearly formed or already formed V: 36,55,-40/-93

Design/Sign/the thick [ shaped sign/2nd largest size/place on rightside of shirt leaving a gap between the [ & the V, but let the topof the [ & the V connect: 23,73,-100/100

Pattern/simple/149/smallest size/deconnect the top of the [ & theV

Copy the previous pattern & move it to the top left side of theV to trim it some: 40,71,-35/100

Chinese/1 of 65/the first chinese symbol/reduce & turn to placebetween the V & 1: turn white

Numeral 5 of 8/ the second 1 in there/2nd smallest size/turnX1/placeunder the [ to almost form a 1: turn white

Chinese 2 of 65/the far end at the top that is used for Scott Hall'snWo tights/2nd largest size/place at the top of the M to make it look morelike an M: 35,41,-40/100

Alphabet/7 of 16/the J/place that on the left side of the M like inpics/2nd largest size: 22,89,-100/100

Alphabet 1 of 16/the D/ Turn upside down, place under the M at smallestsize like in pics & make white

In-game Matt Figures:
Matt Hardy (HCTP):

Body Morphing: 6,72

Head: -26,-21/-11
Neck: 42,46/1
Chest: 32,-25/-73
Shoulder: -100,39/-25
Abdomen: 37,-10/73
Arms: 36,19/-47
Forearms: -17,-2
Hands: 14,8/-60
Waist: 2,-8
Thighs: 12,2
Legs: 21,4/-53
Feet: -29,-7/-43

Height: near end of 6'0"
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